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"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."
-Les Brown

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Survival Perspective Wilderness Survival, Aircrew, and Land Navigation Courses are taught by eight retired US Air Force Pararescuemen who each have over 26 years of field experience in five (5) environments: Jungle, desert, arctic, mountain, and water (sea/coastal). In addition, each instructor has over 10,000 logged aircrew hours in fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Survival Perspective instructors have extensive personal experience in the actual rescue and recovery of downed aircrew/personnel both civilian and military around the world. All Survival Perspective course instructors meet all requirements of educational degrees in rescue and survival, occupational education, courseware development and teaching experience.

The Aircrew Survival Course meets Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) Survival Certification requirements for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft aircrews.

All Survival Perspective Survival and Land Navigation Courrses are approved by the State of New Mexico for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) continuing education credit (ce) for EMTs. Nursing CE credit pending

Survival Perspective can meet your Survival and Land Navigation training requirements. to include both college accredited and non-accredited courses as well as Aircrew Survival training for fixed and rotary wing aircraft crews. In addition, courses can be designed, modified or tailored to individual, group or organizational needs.

Wilderness Medicine, International & Improvisional Medicine course. This course accepts Phase 3 medical students from the University of New Mexico, plus a maximum of ten externs per year, or twenty total for the course. Physicians and residents may also participate. The Wilderness Medicine, International & Improvisional Medicine course does not replicate the variety of courses that send you out into the wilderness for weeks: Albuquerque New Mexico is a geographic location that lends itself to close daytrips for climbing, skiing, biking, diving, and whitewater experiences. Two (2) days are allocated to practicing basic wilderness survival and land navigation skills, which are taught by Survival Perspective instructors. There will also be several overnight campouts. On other nights, participants will be in the University of New Mexico Emergency Department, where procedures (IV lines, wound care, orthopedic procedures, and other various procedures commensurate with skill level) will be done; each participant will spend 16 hours in these endeavors.

Survival Perspective offers (2) day "Introduction to Wilderness Survival" Courses specifically tailored to met the needs of hunters, campers, fisherman or people who have the possibility of becoming lost or stranded in remote areas during the performance of their job, such as, BLM officers, gas line workers, and Game and Fish employees.

Survival Perspective offers 8 week Survival and Land Navigation Courses that are especially suited to meet the needs of individuals who want more in-depth survival and navigation training. These courses meet all requirements and standards for high school Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine ROTC, as well as Civil Air Patrol cadet survival and land navigation requirements.

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